The company "Ratko Mitrović Construction" d.o.o. is specialized in performing construction works which basically fall into three main groups of works:

  • Building construction
  • Civil works
  • Hydro-technical works

We also emphasize our experience in repair and sanation of all type of constructions


In the field of building construction, we possess both human resources and technical capacities for efficient execution of constructions such as industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings, sport halls, cultural, historical and other public buildings, with the special experience in building big market centers. Almost every building is possible to execute either as pre-fabricated or semi-fabricated structure of elements which we produce in our own production units.

* ommercial building "Centar" in Cacak
Complete construction including foundations, walls, piers, roof construction and covering.

* Commercial center "Mercator"
in Cacak

The complete reinforced concrete structure (P=18.000m2)

* High School for Cooking and
Catering in Cacak

The complete building including construction works, architectural services and installation works (P=4.890m2).


In the field of civil works, we are specialized in repair and renovation of roads, bridges as well as the landscape construction works around residential and commercial buildings. These activities are largely supported by our production facilities involved in manufacture of pre-fabricated concrete elements such as curb stones, road manholes, paving and water drainage elements. These are manufactured in our own production unit and then used in civil works we are engaged for.

Bridge-viaduct on M5 highway by-pass around Cacak - sanation of the structure


Hydro-technical works executed both in our country and aroad have made us distinguised and recognizable owing to the excellent results we have acheived in this field. We are quite experienced and specialized in construction and repair of water works, reservoirs, swimming pools, drinking water processing plants, waste water processing plants and rain and faecal sewerage.